Our client promise

You have access to an experienced, senior team – not just post-pitch but in perpetuity

If we think a strategic idea is wrong for your brand, we will respectfully challenge it

If we think someone else could do a better job for you in a specific area, we'll recommend them or bring in a specialist partner

If something isn't working, we flex to make changes

We care about our clients – every member of the team will give their all, always

We care about people – we are committed to finding opportunities to contribute to the industry and the wider community, through donating our time, our money, or both, for selected causes

We are focused on making your life easier – where we can help we will help

What our clients say

Makara stands out from other agencies I've worked with through their ability to be flexible and nimble when timings, budgets and sometimes priorities change, helping us to meet our goals in a fast and efficient manner.

Head of Marketing, UK

I am constantly impressed with their creativity, rapid response to requests and general overall professionalism.

National Therapeutic Advisor, UK

Makara have great strength in the depth of knowledge of their people – the front of house team IS the team…no juniors learning on the job, but experienced professionals with a good mindset willing to help, be creative and challenge us in our thinking…but in the right way.

Commercial Director

One of the reasons why I enjoy working with Makara so much is because of their flawless execution. They are an agency you can rely upon and the quality of their team is very high in my opinion making it easy to create strong plans together which, importantly, they go on to deliver on time.

Global Marketing Manager

One of the key strengths of the Makara team is their scientific depth and knowledge and that’s really important working in the oncology field because oncology is complex, and our assets are complex.

Medical Director, Oncology & Biosimilars

Our services

Learning and Development

Medical Education

Brand and Promotion

PR and Communications

Patient Education

Learning and Development

Our programmes use adult learning methodologies and behavioural change psychology, interwoven with solid content and development, and compelling creative design

What we offer

Engaging e-learning programmes for internal and external audiences

Workshops and educator-led training

Competitive sales superiority

Enhancing skills development for performance excellence

What we offer

Building the learner journey

What we offer

Enhancing the learner experience through video, audio and gamification

Award-winning learning platforms and experts in the learner journey

What our people say

The core values of integrity, intelligence and kindness really resonate with me. There are some great agencies out there but I really feel like Makara walks the walk when it comes to company culture and I know that my team have my back.

Executive Director

When the world was hit by COVID-19, there were companies scrambling around to set up home working and we just carried on as normal and it was great.

Project Manager

Working at Makara, I feel like I am being challenged by the leadership team and my clients to step up and be the best I can possibly be. I might be working from home but I feel the most supported I have ever felt in a working environment and that’s quite a thing to say after 25 years of working.

Client Partnerships Director

The Makara signature

The signature whistle is a learned, individually distinctive whistle-type in a bottlenose dolphin's acoustic repertoire that reveals the identity of the whistle owner

At Makara, we define our signature whistle as the way we like to work together – our beliefs, values and ways of working

It's how we do things around here and it's what makes the Makara culture so special



We work hard to build and maintain trust with other team members



We speak up when we need to and stand up for each other


We feel able to be ourselves at work and actively encourage diversity



We value everybody's different skill-set and opinion regardless of role



We take accountability and use our talent to foster a 'can do' approach to opportunities and challenges

What if?

We harness the power of our collective skills to be curious and to challenge ourselves and each other



We celebrate when things are great, and we support when they are not


We always try to be understanding – we are all human. Your wellbeing matters



We make sure we laugh along the way!