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Time for reflection: The best advice I would give to my younger self

by Gurjit Chahal |

Keeping the ship afloat: Boldly changing course to avoid ‘sunken’ costs

by Matt Wheeler |

Juggling work and the menopause

by Becky Pamplin |

Teamwork or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the QC

by Vicky Laker |

My reflections on World Health Day: Our planet, our health

by Georgia McGlasson |

Seeing the wood for the trees: Patients are the real story

by Matt Wheeler |

When East meets West: What I have learnt from working in two different worlds

by Thuy Linh Bui |

Talking the talk: Speaking patients’ language in medical writing

by Sarah Burrows |

Makara Health accelerates growth with new hires, and management and leadership team restructure


The What If? Dilemma

by Vicky Laker |
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